Yiddish Aleph- Beis

Here is the Yiddish aleph-beis as described in "Say it in Yiddish", Dover "Say it" Series. Remember that Yiddish is read from right to left (!), like Hebrew.

LetterTranscriptionCalledSound (English)Use (Yiddish)
SHTOO-mehr AH-lefsilent Ich I
ah PAH-sahkh AH-leffather _ vee ah-ZOY How?
awKAW-metz AH-leflaw Yaw Yes
bbazebed bahld Soon
vvazevine GO-niv Thief
gGEE-m'lgame (always hard) GOOT Good
dDAH-leddoll Der The
h (or silent)hayhouse hehrt Listen
oovawvboot ROO-fn Answer
vtsvay VAW-v'nvine geh-VAHLD Help
oyVAWV-YOODboy oykh Also
zZAH-yenzeal ZAY-deh Grandfather
khkhess (Guttural, as in Scottish loch) MIZ-rahkh East
t tess tell ort Seat
yyoodlid mir Mine
aytsvay YOO-d'nhay fahr-SHTAY Understand
kkawflake _ hawb fahr-BRAHKT have enjoyed
khkawfloch REKHTS Right
lLAH-medlike LAHNGG Long
mmemme mir Mine
nnoonno nit Nothing
sSAH-mahkhso _ _ eh-pes tsoo EH-s'n Something to eat
e,ehAH-yehnbed EH-s'n Eat
ppaypit eh-pes Something
ffayfit EF-sher Perhaps
tsTSAH-diknuts TSAYT Time
kkooflake _ tsoo KEH-nen To know
rrayshGuttural r at the back of the throat ret Speak
shsheenshoe mish-PAW-kcha Family
sseenso SKHEE-res Salary
ttawftell mah-TAW-nes Gifts
ssawfsell SHA-bes Shabbat

For a more traditional text, check out Shtetl's Alef Beys.

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Reproduction from Z. ben-Shimon ha-Levi's The Way of the Kabbalah.

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