Reproduction of a picture of Carolyn Speranza's Master's Thesis Show at Ohio State University, Columbus, OH,May 1989.

Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness Annual Conference 1995

March 29-April 2nd -- U.C. Berkeley Faculty Club
What follows is a tentative schedule For further information contact
Mira Zussman, Program Chair;
Anton Grosz, Local Arrangements Chair;
Dan Moonhawk Alford, Chair
  • March 29th
  • March 30th
  • March 31st
  • April 1st
  • April 2nd
  • Note: Program is still preliminary and subject to change. Late addition as yet unscheduled: Sexuality and Consciousness IV: Where Did the Liminal Flowers Go? Richard Sorenson, Gyudmed Tantric Univ, India
    Reproduction from J. Campbell's Occidental Mythologies.

    (To Modernity)

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