Parties in Madison, WI and Chicago,IL

So I was visiting the Mid-West the month of June, working as a visiting physicist at FermiLab, in Batavia, IL - that's near Aurora, IL, Wayne's world. But I wanted - no, needed - some dancing to balance all that sitting down and driving from Gurnee, IL to Batavia.

I have been going to parties for several years now, most of them in SF, so wanted to check out the scene in the Mid-West. Plus, Ellen - ms. wiggles - told me that there are some excellent musick happening. So on the weekend of June 18, 1995 Ellen told me of this cool-sounding party in Madison, WI, "20,000 Leagues under the Sea", I think. Called the phone # - which I got from the hyperreal site in SF and found out the location. I had been to Madison before, so it sounded like it was pretty near the campus. Made it to the location ok. the party was inside a partly finished building/arena. The musick played was pretty hard for these SF ears, used to hear mostly house. As a matter of fact, I wish we had more teckno/hard beats in SF. The musick selection as good, tho' the dj's did not build much of a wave or anything. The vibe was pretty good, but people were dancing by themselves, no group dancing. Even people who knew each other seem to prefer being alone. This was surprising to me, used to group dancing and to meeting new people. That was rather hard to do, since most people wanted to keep to themselves. Luckily ran into ms. wiggles and jewleeya. they seemed to be having fun, selling the anonymous girlz mag and wares on their table set up in the back. So stayed until 8 am and decided to head back to Gurnee, IL. A good party, overall but low on vibe.

The next weekend, the destination was Chicago, for a jungle party. I had promissed my friends Terese and Travis that I would take them to a party in chi-town. We all went to a "arty" party in Wicker Park. Sorry, I forgot the name of the man whose house we went to, but I do remember that he owns some gallery. Anyway, there were several people in the arts. Met couple of people, but did not talk much - I guess I did not feel like schmoozing. Anyway, left about 11 pm and called the phone # to find the location. It was way south, near 150th st. or so. We made it there ok, and were greeted by a huge crowd at the door. After a while we made inside. The location was some sort of laser "hunting" game, with many nooks and cranies. There was the main room, plus several side alcoves with musick set up. The main room was packed tightly, the musick was very good, the whole thing "clicked". For dancing with more space, the upstairs was excelent. And, the bathrooms were not that crowded, so could get water every so often. I think my friendss enjoyed themselves. Also saw ms. wiggles and jewleeya, again. These girlz work hard! Or is it fun too? After the party, Travis and Terese and I went back to their place, where I crashed on their spare room. Around noon Travis made these amazing pancakes, and we all had bruch!

The Goddess Tree
Reproduction from J. Campbell's Occidental Mythologies

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