Kabbalah Group in SF, Week of June 8, 1995

Reproduction from Z. ben-Shimon ha-Levi's The Way of the Kabbalah.

Today, Christina gave a talk on Alchemy, and Alchemical Microcosmos. All is derived from the androgynous Fire and Water.

At the very beginning we have Azot Mercury. At the door of the Garden of Eden, the two rivers of Fire and Water, Guadin and Kahmael, mix. The result is the four alchemical elements: Fire, Water, Air, Earth. Now Azot + the three pure elements (Fire, Water, Air) can be manifest on the physical plane.

We can take now two of each of the pure elements and mix it with Earth; We can make 10 such combinations, the ten Sephirot of the Tree of Life. Da'at is not counted here.

Transcendence is moving between elements and combining them. Also, Chariot on alchemical Water is descending exercise. Musick and Dance are good for both ascending and descending exercises, as is drumming. But there is no fixed Water music. Qualities of musick can change quite a bit.

It seems that Kabbalah does not contain descending exercises! In an alchemical sense, descent is "feminine" as the Hebrew letters have "feminine" or "masculine". Can use Water to get to Fire + Earth. Also, descent is path oriented, while Ascent is goal oriented.

Descending, learn Water with Fire+Air, and thus get to Earth, learn. The meeting of the FIre of "I" and the Universe is the "Will".

Other descending exercises: belly dancing, scuba diving, spelunking, or hiking in a forest. But we should return, Tesh'uv .

We then finished with a brief discussion of the vowels and their position on the Tree of Life.

In Keter we have Kammatz . It resembles a closing mouth or fist and has the sound 'ah' .

In Chokhmah we have Patach . It is 'Open", and has the sound 'ah' .

In Binah we have Tzerey . It is "Split', and has the sound 'eh' .

In Chesed we have Segol . It is 'Virtue' and has the sound 'eah' .

In Gevurah we have Shvah . It has the sound 'eh' or no sound .

In Tiph'eret we have Cholem . It is 'Soul', and has the sound 'oh' .

In Netzach we have Chirik . It is 'point of contact', and it has the sound 'i' .

In Hod we have Shurek . It has the sound 'uh' .

In Yesod we have Kibutz . It has the sound 'uuh' .

In Malkhut we have silence.

We also noted that hop-scotch has the general shape of the Tree of Life; perhaps this knowledge is passed on and we have forgotten it.
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Reproduction from Z. ben-Shimon ha-Levi's The Way of the Kabbalah.

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